Who is LaunchQuad?

We are two high-school friends in our 20s that share a passion for innovation. We were born in New York and are currently living in Philadelphia & Chicago.

We have both found ourselves looking at the newest startups for several years. Our methodology of discovering these startups has changed as the startup process has become commercialized and websites such as AngelList, HackerNews and ProductHunt have emerged into the mainstream. Yet these websites were great at displaying a finished or almost finished product and did not help to explain the steps these entrepreneurs had to take to get this venture off the ground and most importantly the harsh reality of starting your own business. We wanted to help provide other college students with both advice and insight into how entrepreneurs got their start and the secrets behind their success or failure so we decided to found LaunchQuad and encapsulate this information through our weekly newsletter, The Interview.

The goal of this site is to focus on the individual and the process behind getting your venture off the ground and in turn provide current or future entrepreneurs with the tools and resources necessary to begin their own venture.

Thank you for being a part of The Interview. We are striving to change the way students think about startups and entrepreneurship.

- The LaunchQuad Team

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